About Verus IT

Why Verus?

The word comes from the Latin language and means authentic, fair-minded, genuine and real. These are the principles by which we strive to run our company and so deliver best value to our clients.

By leveraging our combined IT project delivery experience built over many years, we feel we have the capabilities to successfully deliver where even significantly larger companies may not.

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Our engagement methodology is based on our accumulated experience of what works and what doesn’t, both technically and in the client engagement sense. Our approach follows a structured project lifecycle with defined documentation and milestones, while at the same time is simple and flexible enough to work smoothly within your preferred project management framework.

We continuously update our knowledge to ensure our solutions are among the best of their type to be found anywhere.

Our broad experience reaches across solution consulting, architecture, development, system integration, rollout, maintenance and support. This breadth of experience gives us a clear view of the ‘big picture’ when dealing with IT solutions, not just technical but the people, processes and systems our solutions may touch.

We are Sydney based and work with clients across Australia and New Zealand.

The Verus IT Vision

To be a trusted name in quality business process improvement strategies, services and solutions.

To stand out from the crowd as an innovator and provider of solid, simple solutions that are cost effective and low maintenance.

To have clients who are pleased they chose us and so recommended Verus IT to others, by ensuring quality outcomes are achieved as efficiently as possible.