The Technology partners we work with supply products that we are technically familiar with and have many years of implementation experience. These offerings are of highly suited to the type of solutions we provide and deliver a clients the best balance of functionality and value.

logo kofax

Kofax® is a leading provider of software to simplify and transform the First Mile™ of customer engagement. Kofax TotalAgility®, combines award-winning capture, process management, data integration, mobile, e-signature and analytics capabilities into a unified process automation development and deployment platform. More than 20,000 customers globally rely on Kofax software to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs, differentiate and grow.

As Kofax Integration Partners we are authorised to supply, configure and support Kofax TotalAgility® Capture and Workflow solutions.

logo E5

e5 Workflow is an innovator and enabler of process-based solutions that are Built for Business. With capabilities for Document Processing, Dynamic Case Handling and Work Management, e5 provides a singular platform for building new and extended process solutions while fully leveraging existing LOB systems and applications. Using e5 Workflow, our customers can quickly transform their business interaction, transaction and service delivery processes to get work done faster, better & cheaper.

Verus IT are experts in the consulting, development and delivery of e5 Workflow solutions and have over eight years technical experience for companies of all sizes across multiple verticals.

logo MS partner

Our offerings are fundamentally reliant on the Microsoft Technology Stack and partnering with Microsoft was the natural choice for Verus IT. We use the following Microsoft products to provide solutions and communicate with our clients.

MS products