Dynamic Case Management

Case Management Solutions by Verus IT:

Typically, case management processes are knowledge centric and characterised by:

  • The need to allow enough flexibility for additional sub-processes in response to actions by end users or other changing criteria. It may not be possible to fully determine the workflow of the case at design time, so we need to dynamically adapt the process as the status of the case changes.

  • The possibility that external events and intervention can change the status of a running case, e.g. postponement of a legal case due to illness. Also, the possibility that the outcome of separate cases may have an impact on a current case.

  • Timelines that are unpredicatable and may be long running, sometimes lasting for many years (i.e. legal or medical cases). Case Management solutions often need a role base design allowing the adaptability required for changing policies and staff members.

Why choose Verus IT for your Case Management Solution?

  • Better customer service and responsiveness, for increased customer confidence.

  • Flexibility by streamlining the allocation, linking and resolution of related processes.

  • Automated communications and audit history. This avoids a confusing build-up of multiple files, emails, etc..

  • Controlled assignment to staff user groups, specific roles, management escalation or review.

Our solutions cater for these needs by allowing you to easily manage multiple business processes and all the information relevant to a particular case or project, e.g. customer support, legal or social welfare type cases.