Specialists in Process Automation and Paperless Office Solutions.

At Verus IT we are experts in the field of Document Imaging and Capture, Content Management and Business Process Management. Our experience has been gained the hard way; years of work performing the actual implementations of these projects. We always tailor our solution to meet clients needs and have done this for customers of all sizes and a wide variety of industries.

Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Processing can be a complex proposition with varying rules, exceptions, approvals and non complying suppliers all contributing to the workload.

Our solutions provide clarity and control to the processing of your organisations invoices, supporting your staff in their data entry, decision making, accruals and reconcilation tasks. Streamlined receipting and approval processes, controlled correspondence with suppliers, better visibility and efficiency all add to decreasing the invoice transaction cycle times, late/duplicate payment issues and costs per invoice.

At Verus IT we have industry leading experience and knowledge on the subject of Accounts Payable Automation.

account payable automation
dynamic case management

Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management is all about integrating people and processes in an adaptable way that supports the Automation of Business Processes that tend to be more ad-hoc and knowledge centric.

While Business Process Automation provides a certain level structure and control, Dynamic Case Management by it’s nature demands an equivalent allowance for flexibility and autonomy on the part of decision makers in response to external factors.

Dynamic Case Management solutions by Verus IT can enable your organisation to create, track and control those workflows that encounter unpredictable circumstances or incidents, may be long running, and inherently dynamic.

Records and Mailroom

Modern Records and Mailroom operations need more than efficient capture, filing and routing of documents and correspondence.

Technology advances are radically changing not only what’s possible but also customer expectations. While it is desirable to streamline traditional mailroom and document processing, it is also important to prepare and smooth the move to electronic based channels and extend their use.

Multi-channel processing is replacing the traditional paper-based mailroom and opens up possibilities for continuous process improvement. With a Mailroom Solution from Verus IT your organisation can realise immediate savings in money and time spent on manual processing activities.

records and mailroom
document backscan and digitisation

Document Backscan and Digitisation

So you have thousands of files, perhaps millions of pages and are unsure where to start? Often the best starting point is to define the end goal, then work backwards.

We feel there is no “best practise” or one size fits all solution for these projects. Verus IT have the experience needed to succeed with these projects and possess the innovative thinking and creativity that are often essential.

At Verus IT we know that the key to sucess in large document Back-scanning and Digitisation Projects lies in careful planning, with the end goal in mind. Once the strategy is determined with a solid solution architecture, the rest is just a matter of time spent to work through your organisations archive.