Business Consulting Services from Verus IT

At Verus IT we pride ourselves on our successful track record of working with and delivering solutions for over 100 clients in our past consulting roles. From this experience at the coalface of project work we have gained a wealth of experience that is not easily reproduced.

We can communicate clearly and effectively with stakeholders at all levels: analysts, developers, managers, consultants, and end users.

This hard work has provided us with an intimate knowledge of the art of creating business solutions that meet our clients needs and are a pleasure to use.

  • Solution scoping and analysis, development, deployment, and support – we work over the full project life cycle and have experience with all aspects of successfully completing business solution projects.

  • Solution upgrades and improvements – leverage our knowledge to get to the next level. Out of the box thinking and our many years of experience allow us to solve business problems that others may not.

  • Health Checks and Support – are you getting the most out of your investment? Talk with us to determine where you are at versus where you could be.


Solution Analysis and Development

  • Integration Expertise: Much of our experience involves solution integration with 3rd party software products. To this end we have created our Development Framework for ultimate ease of integration with other systems and allows and easy troubleshooting and updates. (i.e. e5 Workflow and Kofax TotalAgility solutions).

  • Flexibility of approach: Based on 50+ years combined knowledge from direct integration and project experience. Track record of innovative and powerful solutions to common problems that allow for smoothly resolving difficult problems.

  • Best practices in development, analysis and solution design. Powerful solutions, always with simplicity and usability in mind. Possibly the most important phase of any project is the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. If the end users are happy with the final outcome, then it means we have a successful project.


Project Management

Our accumulated project delivery experience means we understand what contributes to pushing a project to completion, versus what just adds complexity to the process.

Our project methodology is compatible with all other project management frameworks because of its simplicity and flexibility.

The key points of our approach to IT projects are:

  • Simple and flexible, with clearly defined milestones – we have years of experience adapting to clients varying project management approaches.

  • Usage of online information sharing, note taking and issue tracking to give a clear record of the project history, avoiding large numbers of emails, and even better we avoid multiple versions of project documents by keeping all information in one place.

  •  A firm understanding of system lifecycles – our work as developers and analysts has involved us in this aspect of IT to a significant extent.


System Health Checks and Support

Do you suspect your current solution is not all it can be? Why not consider consulting with us to establish where you are at versus where you should be. Perhaps circumstances have shifted over the lifetime of your system.

We can perform an impartial analysis of the architecture, usability and performance of your system. Then we produce a report that outlines our thoughts on the current condition and recommendations for improvement.

Solution Support by Verus IT: We can provide ongoing post go-live support on your solution to ensure continued operation. This service works in conjuction with Health Checks that can prevent the need for commonly occurring (and often unnecessary) support cases.

Check our pages on the solutions we provide and the technologies we use to find out if Verus IT is the right choice for your System Health Check or Support.